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Sunday 16th April 2023 4pm


Go Bowling, Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable LU5 4JD


Two games of bowling with buffet food & shoe hire included + Prizes!  Cost is £19.99, with £5 cash deposit required (By March 21st) to secure your spot, payable at choir to Paul (or Lina from the social committee). You can pay the remaining £15 on the day. 


Sunday 16th April. Bowling starts at 4pm.Two games with food will probably be a couple of hours at most, so guessing we'll be done around 6pm although you can hang around for a drink, or some arcade games as long as you like! 


Q. Can I Bring My Children / Partner? 

A. Booking is easier if it's just choir members as it keeps numbers down a bit. However, if it's a deal breaker for you, then yes we'll  fit them in too so long as you rsvp quickly!! 

Q. How does it work?  Can I choose who I bowl with?

A. Each lane can have up to 6 people. If you have a ready made group then that's fine, or if not we'll find you some lovely people from your choir to play with. Hopefully you know everyone at choir is utterly lovely so this should be a great opportunity to get to know each other. 

Q. What's in the buffet? Do I need to let you know dietary requirements? 

A. There'll be a variety of options including Vegan and Halal which will be served separately from meat options. Food will include things like Chicken strips, pizza, sausage rolls, cheese rolls, samosas etc and desserts. When you rsvp there'll be an option for you to mention dietary needs / allergies, just in case you have any special requirements.  


Q. What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?

A. Feel free to ask directly at choir, or message Lina from the social committee: 

RSVP List (41)

Alison Barnett

Alison Emery

Amanda Calahane

Amy Cronin

Angie Gilbert

Anna Foster

Anna Henry

Anne Rodgers

Brenda Kersting

Carl Rodgers

Claire Hewitt

Ella Archer

Elaine Lagdon

Erica Spanswick

Gemma Goodhead

Gemma Mildred

Hannah Gillson

Helen Kahn

Issy Runswick

Jane Bartholomew

Jane Kippax

Jennie Freeborn

Jeremy Gosling

John Axon

Judy Summers

Julie Thomas

Laura Gosling

Lina Dyble

Lyn Batchelor

Lyn Pilborough

Madeleine Donohue

Maggie Smith

Martin Earl

Mary Axon

Mike Cronin

Mike Kember

Nicky Halsey

Paul Bullen

Ruth Woodward

Sara Hobbs

Vic Sindermann

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