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Saturday 2nd December

When you think of the glitz, glamour & sophistication of a black tie awards ceremony, where's the first place that comes to mind? That's right: Northchurch Social Centre.  Get ready for the night of your life, where dreams will come true*

(*Provided that your dreams involve doing the Conga in a village hall, whilst eating cheese savouries from a plastic bowl).


Northchurch Social Centre, Bell Lane, Northchurch, Berkhamsted HP4 3RD


Doors: 7pm

Awards Ceremony: 8pm

  Party: 9pm - late



Awards Ceremony Glam: Black tie etc.



No tickets required. This will be a guest list event.



There'll be Prosecco, but please bring your own drinks and snacks for the evening


(Choir members only)

Alanah Cullen

Alison Barnett

Alison Emery

Alison Horner

Amanda Cahalane

Amy Cronin

Angie Demink

Angie Gilbert

Anna Foster

Anna Henry

Bernie Peddar

Bill Abbott

Brenda Kersting

Brian Hunt

Carol Roberts

Caroline Runswick

Charlie Atkinson

Chas Owen

Chris Hardy

Connie O'Donnell

Dorothy Norman

Ella Archer

Elly Kippax

Emma Adams

Erica Spanswick

Gareth John

Gemma Mildred

Geoff Hayes

Gill Griggs

Gill Parker

Hannah Gillson

Helen George

Helen Khan

Helen Seaward

Helen Summers

Hilary Hemming

Holly Byfield

Issy Runswick

Jackie Harbron

Jacqui Donley

Jan Beasley

Jane Bartholomew

Jane Kippax

Janet English

Jennie Freeborn

John Axon

John Bartholomew

Jordon Bascombe

Julie Huke

Julie Thomas

Kathy Beaumont

Katrina Francis

Kim Carter

Layla Evans

Lesley Johnson

Linda Nathan

Lisa Telling

Lisa Tervit

Liz Selfe

Louise Mousseau

Lyn Pilborough

Maddox Beasley

Madeleine Donohue

Maggie Cooper

Marina Evans

Marion Starling

Martin Earl

Mary Axon

Mary Cannon

Mavis Wallington

Michele Louis

Mike Cronin

Mike Kember

Natasha Downie

Nelly Twort

Nicky Halsey

Nicola Ballingall

Paul Carter

Rona Gibson

Ruth Woodward

Sally Maitland

Sara Hobbs 

Sarah Edwards

Shirley Nash

Stella Mehew

Sue Beddall 

Sue Brown

Sue Hunt

Sue Osbond

Sue Ruggles

Suzy Parker

Trisha Henson

Vaughan Rance

Vic Sindermann

Wendy Tinworth

zoe Hunt

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