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Arrival Time: 2:45pm (Limited parking so leave plenty of time)

Performance Time: 3:15pm (Meet outside village hall)

Dress Code: Bright Summer clothes.  This is an outdoors gig and there is a chance of rain, so dress for the weather!


Fair Info: The fair runs from 1pm - 5pm so feel free to come along and make an afternoon of it if you'd like! 

Aside from us singing there's also a dog show, raffle, various stalls and classic cars on show.  If you want to come along but be in the audience and sing along from there that's fine too!

Covid Info: Masks won't be required but we will attempt to spread out more than previous years.  Bear in mind you'll hear more of your own voice than if we were singing in the hall (where you'd hear everyone around you).  Just sing out nice and loudly, watch the conducting, and smile... and we'll have a good time!  Song list below xx

MEN (5)

Brian Hunt

John Axon

Martin Earl

Paul Bullen

Paul Stananought


Dorothy Norman

Issy Runswick

Lina Dyble

Lisa Telling

Lyn Pilborough

Sue Hunt

Sue Ogden


Anna Henry

Angie Gilbert

Ella Beaumont

Gill Parker

Kathy Beaumont

Lyn Davids

Tracy Dudley


Alison Barnett

Brenda Kersting

Erica Spanswick

Karen Stananought

Kezzie Zukas

Lesley Johnson

Marion Muller

Ruth Woodward

Sheila Francis

Mary Axon

Zoe Hunt

Ashley Green Summer Fair Performance
Saturday 3rd July 2021

Song List

Choir List

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