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From Now On


This song begins reflectively singing of a fall from grace 'a man learns who is there for him when the glitter fades and the walls won't hold'. This is soft and heartfelt, with hurt and regret... but follows with hope: "if all was lost, there's more I gained, cos it lead me back to you". From that moment, this song is about remembering who you are and who you care about: the people in the room with you. This is a promise to yourself and to them. At choir, sing it to the people in the room with you. Sing it with love and joy and don't hold back.

If you've not seen the video below it's well worth a watch. Hugh Jackman and the cast of the show sing to each other and you can just tell the joy and affection they're feeling is real. It's wonderful. We can have that too. We don't need to be this flamboyant. We don't need anyone to stand on their chair.  We'll just embrace the moment in our own way. If we sing with joy and affection I know it'll be wonderful. Smiling is A HUGE help!

MEN: you'll likely want to choose between bass and tenor. The tenor part is shared with the Altos. It's a real belter, so do consider if you can hit this. The bass part isn't low either so it's a good option if you're a baritone. Whichever part you choose, remember in rehearsals it's okay to use falsetto if running a part lots of times. In performance though you'll want to belt in full voice! If you chose Tenor, there are points in the score where there are two notes stacked on top of each other. Tenors will take the lower one, and altos will sing the higher one.  

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