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Choir Social Events & Committee

Throughout the year our social team will run a variety of events to bring everyone together and for a great time. If you're on the choir general mailing list you'll be kept up to date on everything that's going on. Details will also be listed with our events in the members area.

If you're interested in joining the team, all we ask is that you offer to run one event within a year. It can be as simple as a group walk or picnic... or as elaborate as a mini-break or holiday. Our team will be there to support you so you're not running it by yourself and in return, we hope you'll help others run their events! Drop Paul a message if you'd like to be involved! Anyone who does participate will become an instant hero at choir.


Event Ideas

Our social team will run a variety of events, so that there's something for everyone in choir. Not every event will be completely inclusive. For example, some events like wine-tasting won't appeal to those who don't drink wine! However over the course of the year, the aim will be to have a lovely variety so that everyone can be involved at some point. This inclusivity will also cover cost. Some events might be more elaborate and expensive, like theatre trips or mini-breaks... but others will aim to cost little, to nothing.


Here are some ideas which the social team might wish to consider...

Art Class

Bar Games




Board games

Casino Evening

Cinema Trip

Concert Trip

Dance class


House Party

Ice Skating

Karaoke Night

Meal out

Mini Break / Weekend Away

Mini Golf

Museum Trip

National Trust Trips

Pottery Making


Quiz Night

Spa Trip

Team sports

Theatre Trip  

Top Golf


Wine and cheese tasting

Zoo Trip

Walking Sticks

Q & A

Q. I have an idea for an event. What do I do next?

A. Run the idea by Paul and he'll give you the all clear and support you in organising it. 

Q. If I want to run an elaborate event which takes a lot of time an energy to organise, can I charge a small fee for organising it?

A. Potentially. Ideally the social committee will be completely volunteer lead. However I do understand if you're running something like a foreign holiday it could take a huge amount of planning. We can always chat and see what's possible, before you give up weeks of your time!!

Q. If I want to run an event, but not be involved in the social committee after that, can I still do it? 

A. Yes. Anyone who wants to host an event is always welcome.

Q. Do I need insurance or risk assessments?  

A. Most venues and activities have their own insurance so in general you should be fine (For example if you go bowling and someone drops the ball on their foot, you are not responsible!). Paul and the team will support you so this isn't something you need to worry about. 

Q. Can I run my own event and charge for it?

A. Yes. If you have a skill that people will pay for (for example if you're a professional dance teacher), then feel free to charge for your event. That said, if you're open to doing your event for charity then that would be even more wonderful.

Q. Can I cap numbers at an event I organise so it doesn't get too big?

A. Absolutely. You can cap attendees at whatever you'd like. Not every event has to be for everyone. Do remember though you have a team on hand to help you if you do want to be ambitious! 

Q. If I need payment in advance for a booking how can I get that?

A. The easiest way is generally to ask attendees for cash in advance at choir. Or if you're happy giving people your bank details for people to do a bank transfer we can do that too. 

Q. How do I contact attendees for my event? Do I need to collect emails?

A. For now all attendees will be contacted via Paul and the usual mailing lists. (This may change over time).

Past Events

Bowling: April 2023

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