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Choir Summer Party
26 Jul 2019, 17:00
Berkhamsted Cricket Club

Berkhamsted Cricket Club

Fri 26th July 2019

The time is almost here.  This organisers of this event have been keeping the details so closely guarded even they themselves haven't known the plan.  Rumours have begun circulating though.  Here's what we know...


Event starts at 5pm (For those of you coming from work it's fine to arrive later).  There's a bar, but it'll be a bring your own picnic situation.  If the weather is kind it'll start with drinks outside on the decking and there'll be various games available on the grass for anyone who enjoys tossing balls or hitting things with a stick.  Later as the sun goes down, there'll be fire pits for anyone who wants to toast their marshmallows, or cook a sausage.  Then we'll move indoors, turn the lights down low and enjoy the sweet sounds of the discotheque. 

Please Register Now (above) to confirm your attendance.   (If you have already registered on facebook, then you don't need to do this)

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