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The First Noel 

Filming Instructions



Instructions below are same as previous videos... 


For most people you'll need two devices (unless you're particularly tech savvy): One to film on (e.g. Smartphone, computer, tablet) and a separate device to listen to the music on using the video below, with headphones attached.


Record in a quiet, well lit indoor space: Close windows and turn off anything making noise. Make sure your face is well lit. Don't forget to warm up and stay hydrated. 

Prop your filming device up on a surface at eye level (if possible) rather than filming hand held, so the shot is still.


In the section below are backing track videos for each part. Click on yours and follow the instructions 

1) For this video start with headphones PLUGGED IN. I recommend having a headphone in one ear and having one ear out, so you can hear the music and yourself! 

2) Press play on your section's video below. It will recap these instructions and tell you to start filming. If you're using a smart phone or tablet, film with your camera sideways in landscape.

3) Feel free to practise with the video and try multiple takes if you want. However, your final video needs to be all the way through in one take. If you go out of tune don't worry!  We won't notice when you're all singing together. The most important thing is to sing like you mean it and open your mouth on the big notes!  Remember we won't hear you individually but we will see you! 

Sending Your Video 

Click the red button below to email your video via WeTransfer.

1) In WeTransfer, if prompted click the blue 'I AGREE' box to continue

2) Click on 'ADD YOUR FILES' and upload your video

3) Email to:

4) Your Email: (Enter your own email address)

 Alternatively if you prefer you could try other sharing options like dropbox, iCloud photos or Whatsapp. 

Any Questions 

​If you're struggling, don't worry. Video isn't easy!  Take a look at the FAQs below and see if they can help.

First Noel Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to do the video without headphones?

A: Sadly not. We need it to be just your voice in the video.

Q: How many takes can I try before sending?

A: As many as you like, but please only send your best take and don't worry if it's not perfect. It's not a solo. When we blend you in with everyone else, it'll sound brilliant.

Q: My pet / child walked in midway. Should I restart?

A: Only if they made noise! Otherwise, no worries!

Q: Do I have to use the videos above to record? 

A: The videos are preferable, as they'll help sync our start and finish. However, if you'd find it easier just to use the audio track then you can. You can download the guide audio tracks in the player at the top of the page. Please start recording your video, BEFORE pressing play on the audio track and leave your video running for a few moments at the end.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: Yes for Carol Of The Bells the dress code is all black like we're doing a concert!  A few sparkles are okay.   

Q: What's the best way to film this?

A: The easiest way will be to use the video camera on your smart phone or tablet.  Make sure the camera is sideways (in landscape) and at eye level if possible. If you don't have a smart phone or tablet, then you can also use your computer.  


Q: How can I film on my computer?

A: If you have an Apple Mac you can film in QuickTime Player.  Click on the app, and then go to FILE then NEW MOVIE RECORDING.  Make sure the microphone audio slider is up or we won't hear you!  Then hit record.  If you're on a PC then... I'm looking into that.

Q: What's the deadline to send the video?

A: Deadline is 6th December 2020, although the sooner you send it the better.



First Noel FAQs
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