At Ashley Green Village Hall

Thurs 31st March: Doors 7.30pm. Starts 8pm

The Voice UK Winner and friend of Choir On The Green, Andrea joins us for a candlelit evening of music in our choir home at the village hall.  She'll be accompanied by choir director Paul, playing songs from her UK top 10 album The Message, and 2019 follow up Soul Of A Songbird, featuring Beyond The Rainbows End (covered by the choir).  


This will be a table seated evening.  Tickets are £15. RSVP (button below) to reserve your tickets which can then be purchased directly from Paul at choir. 


Social Media & Websites

For any artist starting out, being quick and easy to find on social media is vital.  I can put together and run an artist's pages or just offer advice to gain a social media presence and grow an active fanbase online.   I can also run or advise on social media campaigns, advertising, and online interaction with fans. 

Performance Coaching

Alongside years of performing, I have a degree in performing arts and years of experience musically directing shows and tours.   I can advise on everything from vocal performance of a song, physical presentation, working with bands, sound checking, on-stage monitoring, working a crowd, talking between songs, planning a set list and everything else that goes into making a great show.  Above all else, I advise artists to practise by gigging regularly.  There is no substitute for getting out there and doing it.  

Studio Recording

I've been writing and recording music all my life and have been a musician, engineer, assistant and producer on sessions.  I can also advise artists on recording and help them find the right studios, producers and mix engineers to match their needs and budget.  

Music Videos

Alongside 10 years working in television production, I've also filmed live concerts and studio performances for various artists including The Feeling, Basement Jaxx, Dizzee Rascal, Lucie Silvas and Beverley Craven.  Whether it's quick cheap content for social media, or a larger production I can film or advise on getting the best from your budget as an artist and not wasting time and money unnecessarily. 

Music Tuition

I advise any singer to learn an instrument.  Not only will it give you the ability to accompany yourself, but also it will help you with songwriting, recording, communicating with other musicians and your vocal performance.  It'll help you become a better artist.  Nearly all the greatest artists are great musicians, not just great singers: whether it's Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Ray Charles, John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, Pharrell Williams, Adele or Lady Gaga... Musicianship is so important.  I teach a combination of standard classical piano grades along with the use of chords and scales to write, play and accompany contemporary music.   I can also advise on finding great vocal, guitar, bass and drum teachers in and around London.  

Booking shows & tours

I grew up with my family running a music venue, so have always been around booking bands.  Over the past 15 years I've had various tours around the UK, performing in everything from pubs to large theatres and arenas.  I've booked artists for Festivals, radio tours and support tours and am always happy to advise artists and help them take their next step in performance and promotion.    

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