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Choir Awards & Xmas Party 2019
Choir Awards & Xmas Party 2019
14 Dec 2019, 19:00
Ashley Green Village Hall

2019 Choir Awards & Xmas Party

Sat 14 Dec

Location: Memorial Hall, Ashley Green, HP5 3RB


Arrival: 7pm

Awards Ceremony: 8pm - 9pm

  Party: 9pm - midnight

Dress Code: Awards Ceremony Glam: Black tie etc.

Tickets: TBC

Food & Drink: TBC

Guests: Choir members only (RSVP) 

Attendee List (62)

(To be added to this list, please register at the top of the page)

Adele Howard

Alison Barnett

Amy Cronin

Anna Henry

Anne Rodgers

Brenda Kersting

Brian Hunt

Caroline Runswick

Claire Hewitt

Deborah Phethean

Diana Georganas

Diane Russell

Dorothy Howes

Doug Roscoe

Ella Beaumont

Elly Kippax

Elizabeth La Chanel

Erica Spanswick

Eve Parry

Gemma Goodhead

Hannah Gillson

Helen Seaward

Issy Runswick

Jackie Harbron

Jane Bartholomew

Jane Kippax

Jenny Elms

Jenny Hackett

Jeremy Gosling

Jo Coles

John Axon

John Bartholomew

Julie Bishop

Julie Thomas

Karen Garner

Kathy Beaumont

Keith Rodbard

Laura Gosling

Lesley Johnson

Lydia Kingston

Lyn Davids

Lyn Pilborough

Madeleine Donohue

Maggie Cooper

Maggie Smith

Maggie Tweed

Margaret Lawrence

Marion Muller

Martin Earl

Mary Axon

Mavis Wallington

Mike Cronin

Nicky Halsey

Ruth Woodward

Sarah Coles

Sarah Mangan

Sue Hunt

Sue Ogden

Sue Ruggles

Tracy Dudley

Win West

Zoe Hunt

Maybe List (8)

(if you've said you're interested but haven't confirmed)

Angie GIlbert

Azu Yeché

Emma Sawbridge

Gill Parker

Sue Beddall

Sue Edmanson

Val Silverton

Wendy Sawbridge

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